Depot Park Map

Depot Park's Accessible Design

Depot Park was designed and constructed with ADA compliance top-of-mind.  All hardscaped paths in Depot Park meet ADA compliance standards.  All gravel pathways in Depot Park are designed and constructed utilizing an ADA compliant material called gravelpave; a material that has been successfully utilized in other  places like the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, VA and the National Garden in Washington, D.C.

The play area in Depot Park, including the splash pad (which we call the Blue Grotto), meets ADA compliant standards as well.  Depot Park also has ADA compliant picnic tables under each of the pavilions as well as ADA compliant picnic tables in the park. 

There are ADA parking spots available in both lots located in the park and identified on the parking map on this page. 

There is one area of the park, however, where ADA accessibility is limited: The Hill.  This portion of the park was intended to be built out in a future phase of construction.  The City is still determining the future plans for that space.  In the interim, the Depot Park team is working to identify ways to temporarily resolve the limited accessibility in that area of the park so every guest in Depot Park can enjoy events and programs on this space.

If you will be visiting Depot Park and would like assistance of a Park Ambassador, please contact the Depot Park Visitor Center during office hours (M-F, 8am-5pm) and we will gladly coordinate your visit.